Mental Health Therapy in Portland, OR

Courtney Bailey, NCC, LPC Intern

board certified mental health therapist




Start on the journey to healing

Through my own experiences with the fear, stress, and uncertainty of a life-long health challenge, I have come to believe we can all heal ourselves with the right tools. While we may have shared experiences, each person's struggle is different.  My objective is simple- to help you achieve your mental health goals. Whether it be learning to accept the demands of chronic illness or congenital health concerns, dealing with life transitions, anxiety, depression, finding a career path, or young adult "quarter-life crises;" we will work collaboratively to develop healing strategies that work for you. I utilize mindfulness practices, cognitive-behavior therapy, existential therapy, and above all build a strong relationship with each client to develop trust so you can begin to heal. Let's start this journey together.




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